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We provide you with a 30 minute, obligation-free consultation with one of our senior representatives to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss what options are available to you. If you are unable to attend our Melbourne City, Clayton or China offices we can even arrange a telephone or Skype consultation.

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  • Are you looking for financial services such as a home loan, business loan, construction loan or asset finance?
    Don't hesitate to contact team at ECON BUSINESS SOLUTION, our partner brokers and associates can provide you obligation
    free options and solution to your financial needs at the best rates available in this competing market place.


    Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Econ Business Solutions has access to many different sources of finance. We recently established a relationship with...

    Home Loan

    What is Specialist Finance?

    Non Conforming Specialist Finance Solutions are for new and existing borrowers not fitting traditional len...

    Residential Loan

    What is a Residential Loan?

    A residential loan is a loan given by a financial institution to one or more individuals for residential purposes...

    Investment Property Loan

    Investment Property Loans

    An investment property loan is given to an individuals seeking to buy a property and later rent it out. This is...

    Commercial Loan

    Commercial Property Loans

    Commercial property loans can help business owners buy a commercial property. The loan is generally secured...

    Construction Loan

    Construction Development Loans

    Construction Development Loans can help borrowers building a home instead of purchasing an established pr...

    Car Loan

    What is a Car Loan?

    A Car Loan is for buying a motor vehicle. Since, apart from purchasing a home, a car is considered a single big...

    Business Loan

    What are Business Loans?

    Business Loans can be used to pay the high capital amount required to start and run a business and then later the loan must...

    Private Funding Loan

    Private Funding Loans

    Private Funding Loans are loans given by non-traditional, or private sources who are licensed to loan money (e.g. bus...

    Personal Loan

    Personal Loan

    A personal loan or borrowing an amount of money and later repaying according to agreed interest terms can be either secured...

    Asset Finance

    What is Asset Finance?

    Asset finance can help acquire assets and equipment need for the business to grow with regular payment ...

    SMSF Loan

    What are SMSF Loans?

    Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) loan is a home loan that can be used to buy investment property where the returns....