Credit File Repair


We provide you with a 30 minute, obligation-free consultation with one of our senior representatives to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss what options are available to you. If you are unable to attend our Melbourne City, Clayton or China offices we can even arrange a telephone or Skype consultation.

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  • We understand, having a default judgment on your credit file and a low credit score can be very stressful.
    Don't worry, you have come to the right credit file experts, We at ECON BUSINESS SOLUTIONS can provide you with solutions to fixing your credit file and improve your credit score.
    Remember, impaired credit file and a low credit score does not dictate your financial future.

    My credit file repair basics: credit files, credit scores and how bad credit could hurt

    Credit File

    A credit file contains the comprehensive information about an individual/ company and reflects their financial...

    My credit file repair basics: What is a credit default and how can you get bad credit?

    What is a Credit Default?

    A default on credit means you fail to pay an expected debt, such as an electricity bill or a loan. However, late or...

    My credit file repair basics: get credit scores from CRAs like Equifax and Credit Savvy, and clean your credit history.

    Importance of Credit File

    Your credit file includes information of your credit history and often referred by banks, financial lenders...

    My credit file repair basics: repairing credit file and fixing credit scores in Australia

    Why ECON Credit Repair?

    We maintain an extremely high success rate in credit file repair. A sign of success for ECON BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is to....

    My credit file repair basics: making credit simple with credit repairers

    Progress of Credit Repairer

    During the past few years, there has been too many changes in the Credit file and the gauging of credit file is becoming...

    My credit file repair basics: ways to get your credit score and fix your credit file

    Ways to get Credit File Report

    The credit reporting agencies in Australia include Equifax (previously known as Veda Advantage), Dun &...

    My credit file repair basics: what leads to bad creadit and how to increase credit score rating

    Mistakes in Credit Listings

    When an individual finds an impairment in the credit file and believes that it's unfair, then the person would be asked to provide...

    My credit file repair basics: fixing credit file disputes and saving your credit score

    Resolving a Dispute

    Resolving a dispute is never always an easy process for a person, it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to ...

    My credit file repair basics: who is a credit repairer and how do they fix credit files

    Tasks of a Credit Repairer

    At Econ our staff is trained to deal with all the institutions, a credit file repairer acts on behalf of an individual with the sole ...

    My credit file repair basics: more details about how to save your credit file and improve your credit score

    More Information

    A credit report contains the positive and negative points that can lead to the success or failure of your inquiries such as...