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    2019 Tax Return - ATO data

    Have you noticed that the end of the financial year 2018-2019 is approaching? Many shopping malls and big companies have been holding their annual promotional campaign. So, it is one of the best periods of time for shopping. Did you know that it is also the most appropriate time for considering your tax return? More Information

    The Story of Our Happy Client

    In December 2018, William ("nickname") contacted Econ Business Solutions to seek help with credit file repair. During the first consultation, William expressed the concern that the default placed by Vodafone Australia had caused the failure of his home loan application.More Information

    Is the Price of Housing Going to Increase in the Next 25 Years?

    Did you know that the value of your property will be doubled in the next 8 years? In the last 30 years, the house prices in the central parts of Sydney had increased by nearly 2000%. Despite there are some negative news about the Australian housing market, there is still an increasing trend in the future. As the CEO of Crown Group (one of Australia’s leading real estate developers), Iwan Sunito, said, “real estate investment is a long-term game, investing now and waiting patiently are the fundamental contributors for your success.More Information


    In Australia, your Equifax score will be between 0-1200. A good credit score considered between 622-725. A very good score is 726-832 and an excellent score falls between 833-1200. But somehow If you fall between the average it doesn't mean you are lost. There are still several ways you can buy and refinance your home. Implementing a good strategic plan can solve this problem easily.More Information

    Five Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

    A lot of people are searching for easy ways to fix the bad credit as that has placed an awful impact on their financial health. Fortunately, there are several debt management strategies that can help you fix bad credit and remove default listing.
    - Pay your credit card charges on time
    - Pay down your debts
    - Stop using the high-interest credit cards
    - Consolidate debts
    - Maintain only one credit card for emergency
    More Information

    Reasons and Tips for Refinancing Your Home Loan

    For many Australians, refinancing their home loans have become more and more popular these days. Through refinancing, you can enjoy the following benefits More Information

    Debt collection, what actually happens?

    A debt is formed when fees for services (such as water, electricity, credit card, tolls etc) are not paid within the due time. As a result, service companies, purely at their own discretion, may list a default on your credit file. Moreover, these companies could sell your debt to debt collecting companies who collect debt while maintaining legal standards (e.g. no form of unethical harassment, deception, manipulation etc.)More Information

    Does "Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later" Lead to Bad Credit Ratings?

    The concept of "Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later" is becoming increasingly popular amongst Australians in recent times. Paying in installments after purchase, with no additional fees for on-time payments and instant online approvals have enhanced the shopping experience for numerous customers. However, as with all other forms of convenience, there is always a catch, so here are a few things to be aware of when using Afterpay More Information

    Australian Credit Repair Guidance

    In Australia, almost everyone has their own credit file. Having a good credit report is extremely important. Statistics show that more than 90% of Australians are aware of the existence of their credit files. However, only 20% of these people know how to access their credit report. Some individuals did not realise the importance of having a good credit rating until they encountered difficulties when applying for bank loans. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a healthy credit report. There are several ways to check credit files. A number of organisations have provided credit check services, including “Equifax” (formerly known as “Veda Advantage”), “Dun & Bradstreet”, “Tasmanian Collection Services” (Tasmania) and “Experian”. Every credit-active individual in Australia can obtain a free copy of their credit file once a year. More Information


    A credit file contains the comprehensive information about an individual/company and reflects their financial hygiene. It has a combination of the information collectively placed in one file that includes credit history, credit rating, amount of credit, number of applications, conduct of repayments, business/employment and personal guarantee. Once a credit file is referred by the potential credit providers, individuals and organisations it vitally facilitates the decision making while performing an assessment of lending criteria and analyzing one’s borrowing capacity etc.More Information