We provide you with a 30 minute, obligation-free consultation with one of our senior representatives to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss what options are available to you. If you are unable to attend our Melbourne City, Clayton or China offices we can even arrange a telephone or Skype consultation.

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  • Want Attractive Websites, Apps and Other IT Services? We have proffesionals for IT work.

    IT services

    Information Technology Services

    We, at ECON Business Solutions follow a collaborative approach for following IT work - App Development - Web Development - Gra...

    IT services

    Web Development

    The online presence of organisations is essential in today’s businesses mostly because consumers are...

    IT services

    Troubleshooting (Hardware/Software)

    Ever had a computer that refused to turn on or maybe an internet connection that just wasn’t working? All busine...

    IT services

    Web/Email Hosting

    After creating your website, it’s now time to launch it on the internet. In doing so, you first need to make...

    IT services


    Once your business's website and mobile app are launched, it’s now time to think about how your customers will...

    IT services

    Website/Graphics Designing

    A graphic design can enhance not only an organisation’s image (through logos and banners) but also th...

    IT services

    Game Development

    In recent years video games have become popular among all ages as a go to source of recreation. Additi...

    IT services

    Data recovery

    Even the most failsafe of services are bound to face unavoidable conditions such as computer hard dis...

    IT services

    Office setup

    Just purchased all of the new computers for your business but don’t know what to do next? Understanding, purchasi...

    IT services

    Security and Monitoring

    Once your business is running, it now needs to be conducted in a secure environment both inside the office and...

    IT services

    Mobile and Desktop Applications

    Customers of today’s generation spend a majority of time on mobile phones and tablets, thereby drastically incre...